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Do you suffer from back pain?

Updated: Apr 16

Did you know that 80% or more of people will experience an episode of #lowbackpain at some point in their life

The best thing you can do when this happens is MOVE….the worst thing you can do is stop moving, this slows down the healing process and increases nerve sensitivity. (unless of course you’ve been advised by a medical professional to stop!) Having suffered from #backpain for more than 20 years, I know just how debilitating it can be....however...back pain can be complex and rehab will likely be different for everyone. Thus said, a general movement approach can make a huge difference to rehab when experiencing an episode of low back pain. Simply working on improving hip & thoracic mobility as well as core stability, being key to this (this is where Pilates comes in!).

Everyone should routinely work on these anyway, whether they are in pain or not (it's as much about prevention as it is about rehab) but these are my go to exercises to help ease non-specific #lowbackpain!

Incorporate these into your daily routine to keep the tissue nice and mobile, ease away tightness, tension and ultimately pain!

Let me know how you get on!

If you need more specific help with your low back pain, drop me an email for a chat.

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