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Are you a desk worker? Do you suffer with neck, shoulder and upper back pain?

Updated: Apr 16

Sitting at a desk or a table in the dining room isn’t doing great things for our bodies. It’s not what we were built to do…. How can you combat it? MOVE….simple as that, regular movement will stop your body tightening up and moulding into a chair! Try this simple routine throughout your day, when you take your elevenses tea break….give it a whirl and see how much better you feel.

This short seated mobility sequence is the perfect to keep the tissue moving throughout the day. Moving and simple mobility is something everyone should be doing even if it’s just for a few minutes to keep our tissue healthy and joints moving. Let me know how you get on! P.S If you suffer from low back pain, check out my low back pain video here #seatedmobility #deskworkers #lowbackpain #neckpain #shoulderpain

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