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What I Offer

You and your goals are important to me. Some people need a little support to achieve their goals, and this is where I come in.


I look for clients’ potential where they can’t see it in themselves....whether that is to tone & strengthen, improve flexibility, recover from injury, ease back pain or progress their Pilates practice.....I can help!

I have a very personal approach to my teaching and to allow that, I keep the class sizes small.

See more details below about what we offer....



Beg/Int Mat Classes
My Pilates Beg/Int mat classes are a good mixed level practice for those who want to learn the basics and like the balance between a slow stretchy practice but like the odd challenge thrown in. 

Int/Adv Mat Classes
My Pilates Int/Adv mat classes are perfect for experienced Pilates goers who want a little bit more out of their practice. The pace of these classes is more flowing and the exercises are designed to challenge, sculpt and tone the body. So if you're looking for a workout, then these are the classes for you!

Pls see below when selecting a class suitable for your level and goals. 

Beg - For complete newbies, pregnant ladies or those wanting a slower, gentler practice with lots of modifications and stretching. 

Int - For those who have been practicing at least 3 months and are able to execute a roll up with ease.

Adv - For those who have been practicing at least 6 months and are able to execute a roll over with ease. 


So for example: Beg/Int is suitable for anyone who is a beginner to intermediate (& advanced if you want a gentler practice). Int/Adv is suitable for those Intermediate OR Advanced levels as described above. 


*NOTE: Int/Adv classes are not suitable for any injuries, issues or pregnancy.

All of my mat classes finish up with a wonderful guided relaxation to ease away the stress of the week.


Max 11 people per class.

IMG_9796 2.JPG


There are 2 styles of small group sessions to choose:

SGPT - Pilates Equipment Circuits^
The Pilates Equipment Circuit sessions are dynamic classes that combine different exercise modalities – Mat Pilates, Reformer, Chair and Tower/Cadillac Pilates — to deliver a comprehensive, challenging, and unique workout.

In all of the equipment sessions, participants will be guided through various stations, performing a series of exercises that incorporate each piece of equipment. With each movement, emphasis is placed on proper form, technique, and progressions.

SGPT - Strength Circuit±
The Pilates Strength based Circuit classes are for those who want a little bit more out of their training. 

They bring my love of Pilates and Strength training together for a more all over body challenging class.

In the sessions, participants will be guided through various stations, performing a series of exercises using Pilates equipment (Reformer, Tower and Stability Chair) and combining with TRX/Dumbbells/Kettlebells to create an all round, full-body session. 

All of the small group sessions allow me to give you personalised hands-on guidance, while taking into consideration your goals to allow you to gain maximum benefit from the sessions. 

PLUS there is a private WhatsApp group for accountability and buddy support. 

Mon 5.15pm^
Weds 10.45am^ & 6.15pm±
Fri 10.45am^

Sat 8.30am±

Max of 6-8 ppl per session

NOTE: For safety reasons, ALL clients will be required to attend an Intro to Reformer 4 week course or a an intro 1:1 or duet Private session before they begin the Small Group sessions. This allows me to go through the safety, set up and basics of the equipment. Please get in touch for availability and dates. 



A full body practice that compliments other training disciplines, helping to prevent and aid injury recovery as well as increase flexibility and mobility. The outcome being similar to the effect you'd get from a deep tissue or sports massage.

In Body Tune up & Rehab class, you will learn how to use therapeutic balls, rollers, bands, strengthening exercises and functional movements to release tight tissue, re-pattern muscular imbalances and calm the central nervous system.

Benefits of Self-Myofascial massage include:
- Relief of mental stress
- Improvement in sleep
- Increase in circulation and blood flow
- Increase in flexibility/mobility
- Reduces adhesion and scar tissue
- Helps to prevent injury
- Eliminates tension in muscles
- Releases endorphins to help reduce pain
- Helps increase performance

Learn simple techniques and sequences that you can do yourself at home to keep the tissue moving.

Sounds bliss right….?



If you want a personally targeted experience, Private Pilates sessions are the way to go. I offer both Mat & Apparatus Private sessions. 


By working with you on an individual basis, I create tailored sessions to help you achieve your goals, progress your practice or overcome injury. 


So if you are troubled by your teasers, knackered in your knees or heavy in your hip flexors...these are the sessions for you!

Private Pilates Sessions are available as...


Individual Session for 1 person
55 mins £66


Duet Session for 2 people
55 mins £90 (£45 each)

Trio Session for 3 people
55 mins £105 (£35 each)

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